Happy Easter

Hello Everyone,

I went to my first sunrise Easter service today.   I love a good sermon and my local Catholic church just doesn’t seem to have what I am looking for.  The sermon there is very mundane, and the scripture is never read from the bible and the sermons tend to be very bland.  Even when current events is full of electric conversations, the sermon of the week would barely touch it.  I go  but I don’t usually leave feeling as if my soul was nourished.  At the nondenominational service that I attended today, the  sermon could be summarized with the 2 words, “Only Jesus…”  The preacher talked about how we tend to praise God when something goes well but take credit at times for the good fortune, and then blame him totally when things go bad, not realizing that when things go wrong, it is usually from our misdeeds or someone else’s.   The sermon was moving, and the sounds of the waves made the Resurrection that much more meaningful.  Life, it’s a gift.  Only Jesus could have made such a glorious day!


Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Easter day.  Its a perfect day here in southern California.  I started this blog as a family blog, so that we can all communicate and stay in touch.  I have sent the first newsletter so please share it with other family members.  I ask that all head of households to please forward to me email addresses for all family members who have one so that I can add them on the mailing list.  I need a head count for all those who are attending & deposit :).

So far the list of attendees are:

Carline (+ Garrett & Ethan), Antoine, Enchild (+ Marjory, Tamara & Matthew),

Charles, Alex (+ Tony), Carlo (+Marisol, Myah, Sophia), Robert & Irene,

Kettelye (+Makeda, Nneka, Shaana), Evelyn, Daphne (+Austin), Max (+Maggy, Gabby, ?Gregg),

Nemours, Jennifer, Natasha (+Patrick, Chelsea, Chloe), Vanessa (+Ayana), Karine, Tania(+Abdou, Riley)


Please submit your vote for the T-shirt TODAY!

Looking for volunteers to help organize the food list.  Please contact me if you are interested.






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