Words from Robert….

Robert’s email was so awesome that I wanted to share it with everyone:

Comment: Just got connected to the L-J web site and the feeling is good.  Read Liline’s comments and likewise wish good time to all with great expectations on communal life style.  Sunday AM soup (Haitian style) will be one of my contributions.  Been at it for a little while:)  I may suggest sleeping under the stars for the boys, no sexism intended; story telling could bring back some memory of the mother land…A volley ball net would be great+ of course a BALL 🙂  Aside from the usual volunteering duties, I suggest 2 pairs of jeans, T shirts and basic sneakers (Sears style) for attendees; no need for 5th Ave style shoes.  Those who play besig (not me) could endeavor on show off their dexterity…Flea market browsing could keep a few on their toes: bring some cash; Sites visits could amuse some: get hold of touristy maps;  Finally, if Sunday church attendance is a must, plenty of denominations will gladly give attendance cards to show to St Peter later on, at the gates of heaven 🙂

Please forward comments and emails.  I will be more than happy to post them here.


And the winner is…..

Chloe!!!! Go Chloe!!!! Go Chloe~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!
Congratulations to Judith & Natalie for submitting there design.

If you failed to vote, and your choice wasn’t selected, OH WELL>>>>>>>>

I will get going on selecting a the company/person to print the shirts for us. The design is challenged by the multi colors of the actual t shirt but will do my best to pick one that is similar. I will be speaking with Chloe to finalized the transfer of the design to me…

Once again, Congrats to Chloe!!!!