Did you realize the reunion is only 2.5 weeks away??!! We have an amazing number of family members who have committed to come and for some, this will be their 1st reunion since the 1st one. We have Eddy coming from Florida and Natasha and her clan are coming from Canada. There is still time to come to the reunion. We would love to have everyone who wants to come to be able to attend. If you have any circumstances that you would like to discuss with me, you can call me at 310-567-8007 or email me at Both my phone number and email can also be used to send money via If money is an issue, don’t worry about it. We’ll take sweat equity.

We are now in the planning stage, and I will be sending information frequently, so please check in regularly. I have included 2 polls below to make it easy for you to get back to me. It takes a second. We are all busy but please take time to read my email, and respond.

Reunion date: July 2-6. I need to know if you are coming to the reunion and the days you will be here. I need a headcount of everyone in your family who will be attending with you. There’s not much that I can finalize without a count. I need a head count so that we can start organizing the living arrangements, organize activities, organize the food we need to have, and obtain volunteers to help with cooking and cleaning.

This is really the main part of the reunion that has to be organized in the next few weeks. I welcome all input and feedback. Luckily there is a Wal-Mart not too far and on the way to the homes, and plenty of farmers markets around. Everyone will need to contribute in some way. Keeping every one fed and happy is crucial.

Fun in the sun! How much you do and how much you spend is up to you. There will be plenty of of fun activities at the homes. Besides, with so many of us, boredom is not an option. If you plan to sit in a lounging chair sipping your beverage of choice, I do recommend that you bring your own lounging chair 🙂

The schedule of events and activities are located in the menu heading of this blog. I included links to the activities on the page titled “Excursions”. Some activities don’t require advance planning. However, if you are interested in going river rafting, or zipline I need a headcount in order to reserve the rafts. Prices for all activities are included. I will update as we get closer.

Chloe’s design was the winner. The T-shirt will be white (cheaper) and will cost $15. If you would like to order a T-shirt, complete the poll below.

MY tshirt


13 thoughts on “Countdown…….

  1. Hey Liline, I will be attending and will come over with Enchild on July 2. The kids well not be attending, unless they change their minds at the last moment. Pitt me down for volunteering wherever there is a need. I could not access the activity schedule, but the location info. So drip new a line on the two items if you can. I, franzius G-Phone: 1-732-851-3292

  2. Charles & I will be arriving at the house on the 3rd, probably late morning and we’ll be staying until the 6th. Can’t wait to see everyone!

  3. Patrick, Chloe and I are arriving on the 3rd in the evening and we’ll be staying until the 6th or until there’s no more booze!! 😉
    Unfortunately, Chelsea can’t come (work)
    PS Pat’s hoping for a fire pit! See you all there! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  4. Patrick, Chloe and I will be arriving on the 3rd, Chelsea can’t make it unfortunately. We plan to stay until the 6th or until there’s no more booze! 😉
    Pat is hoping to find a fire pit he can park next to! lol
    See you all soon! CAN’T WAIT!!!

  5. Hi!!
    I need 2 t-shirts… 1 med, 1 large…
    hope you got that I’m bringing eggs, grits, biscuits and bacon (yes i am aware that SOME do not eat bacon). Toni and i can handle BKfast for 3 days in our house. We are arriving Thursday night and plan to be in the same house as my pops. Can’t wait!!

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