Are You In?

Hi Everyone,

It is late but not too late to plan the family reunion.  There has been distractions that have kept my focus away from planning the reunion.

Last year’s reunion was an overwhelming success. We had over 50 people at the reunion.

From last year’s family reunion, there were lessons learned. Instead of the 2 homes, the focus is on one home. We can rent the yellow house that we stayed in and had the amazing bonfires or rent a new home in Hunter, NY. The homes vary in price and amenities.  The other lesson learnt was to not schedule the weekend around the holiday (4th of July) because that kept a few family members away.

The cost of the weekend was a big problem last year.   Between the cost of the rental and cost for food, some of us carried the responsibility more than others.  Tony was generous to cover the rental costs last year in order to stimulate interest in the family reunion and the cost was not fully recovered.  The seed has been planted, the responsibility of moving this forward is up to all of us.

The dates to consider for the reunion are July 22-26 or July 29-Aug 2.  Please vote a weekend. The cost for rental and food is $300 per person.  This cost will cover cost for food, rental, reunion gifts and cleaning fee. The fee is subjective to change based on total number of people who plan to attend. It could be more or less. The deadline to pay is June 1st. If there is not enough interest, I will have no choice but to cancel the reunion.

RSVP can be made on this blog. Payments can be sent to my paypal account by going to and use my email: Paypal does charge a small percentage for this convenience. You would need to create a free account using your email. Other options would be sending a check via USPS (no fee)  or via if you have a Chase account (no fee). Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

The homes that are available are:

The yellow home in Monticello is available the weekend of July 29 and has 8BR, 4 Bathrooms.  Has a lake about 1/2 mile away:

Monticello 1 Monticello 2 Monticello 3 Monticello 4

The Hunter, NY home is a B&B,  has 13 BR, 12 bathrooms and can sleep more than 36 people,  has a pool, volleyball court, and is very private:

Hunter 1Hunter 2  Hunter 7            Hunter 4                  Hunter 5