Are we on?

Hello family,

I am thankful to Fredi for being the first family member to submit her money> GO FEFE!  That’s actually close to jefe, which is chief I think in Spanish.  I thank Kettelye and her girls for gathering her family’s contribution.  I thank Enchild for coming up with the brilliant pricing – not perfect- but should work if we all contribute. The silence is deafening so please respond.  I am grateful that Ethan, who’s birthday is July 29 and Weston, who’s birthday is August 2nd, didn’t throw a fit when they realized that their birthdays were like the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies for the proposed family reunion.  Big sacrifice!

We have some good news to share. Babo is doing better and is excited to join us at the reunion.  The boys (Charles, Antoine & Enchild) just got back from their “what happens in Panama stays in Panama” fishing excursion & Robert & Irene are heading to one of my favorite destination- Paris- to celebrate their golden 25th! Time does fly.  Please share your good news. Anyone who wants to write a blog can send me their document and I will be happy to post,

Look at the home with that big inviting pool. Don’t you see yourself swimming at 2pm Friday afternoon without a care in the world,or just laying around laughing and talking and carrying on?  Let’s make it happen folks. We are running out of time.



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