We are 58 days from the family reunion!!  Here is the list of all who have paid or have submitted a deposit:

  • Eddy $300
  • Evelyne, Daphne & Austin  $500
  • Robert (Canada) $500
  • Natasha, Patrick & Chloe $100
  • Chelsea  $193.70(?pending)
  • Carline, Weston, Garrett & Ethan $500
  • Enchild $100
  • Kettelye, Makeda, Nneka, Shaana $150
  • Carlo, Marisol, Sophia & Myah $50

I received intent to attend from:

  • Richard & Nedge
  • Roland (Chiquita)
  • Fredi
  • Charles & Susan

I have about 30 of us who plan to attend the reunion.  The original home that I placed the deposit on is on hold because at this point it is too big and too expensive to accommodate our group.  Please submit your payment as soon as possible. I cannot finalize the home until all moneys are in.  Your payment can be sent to me via PayPal using email address “” or my name, “Carline Louis-Jacques” or my cell # “310-567-8007”.

The T-shirt contest is closed and I thank Patrick for submitting the winning bid.  I will look into finding a company to produce the T-shirts.  If anyone wants to take on this job, I would appreciate it.



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